November 14th, 2007

Disney: L&S Punish friends

Please tell me it's almost Friday....

Been offline all morning - the DSL router went up in smoke (literally) this morning, and totally threw off our game. We got a new router...but it *still* wouldn't come up - we also fried the DSL line. :sigh:

2 hours with our tech, and 45 minutes with AT&T, and we are back in business. Whee-haw!

All this, during a meeting with the financial (non)advisor. :grin: HE tells Cyn and I NOT to worry, that we'll still have jobs tomorrow. The attorney wants to cancel the meeting (good luck) - but the bank has clearly stated that they are having the meeting whether we show up or not., I'm not worried. Honest. What will be, will be - and there's NOTHING I can do about it. Yes, unemployment will suck - because of the truck payment, I CAN'T stay home now. The kids' money won't cover everything (I ran the numbers last night....I'll be $800 in the hole without my job. :sigh: The truck payment is only $590 :bigger sigh: When I ran them before, I was counting on the vehicle being paid off in February.......not so much gonna happen, now. And, this is WITHOUT the daycare bill.)

I have come to some decisions, though - no matter what happens tomorrow. I am at a good point with the truck - I owe less than it's worth (how often does *THAT* happen? :grin:) Sweet Geek has a, really, why do we need 2? I'm thinking I need to go trade in the big 8-cylinder gas guzzler for something a bit more economical (even though I *LOVE* my truck...I gotta be practical, here.) (And yes, Sweet Geek will be around permanently. :wink:) I need to cut back some of my bills - it'll cost me upfront on some(cell phone), but in the long run it'll be better. I also need to get back into coupon-cutting, and slash my grocery bill.

I need to really push to sell Finn - that'll be 1 less horse (making me down to only 4) to feed, and it'll cut the feed bill - well, not so much the bill, but the same amount of feed will last longer.

We've already cut the electric I need to work on the water bill. Can't do much about the trash - but I cut the septic inspection bill $50/year (doesn't sound like much...but it *is*); have to keep the PO Box.....and I already get most of our clothes from discount/resale shops, so...that's good. (The kids shoes are about the only thing I buy NEW-new, just because I feel that they need good shoes.) I don't want to give up the pool service, but I will if I have to.

Anyway, I am OK with whatever happens. Not looking forward to it, by any means, but - I've survived worse. We'll survive this.

Besides, I had a lunch date today - that made all the difference in the world in my attitude. :grin: