December 2nd, 2007

Calvin: Happy Dance

I am now...

once again counted amoung the Jeep owners - I just traded in my truck for a 2008 Liberty. In Green :squee:

Sweet Geek went with was 4 hours of boringness, punctuated by a quick test drive (I've driven Jeeps - my only concern was cargo space) and a lot of drooling (on Sweet Geek's part - the dealer had a tricked out Dodge Charger in the showroom. :grin:)

They credited me with a little over $2K extra on my, my payments DROPPED by $150/month, and the gas mileage is *terrific* compared to my former V-8. Love it - LOVE it.

The kids are pissed - they "miss" the truck. Too bad - I love my little Jeepster. It has more room than my '87 Wrangler did, and plenty of get-up-and-go. It'll haul my trailer (if I ever put a hitch on it :grin:)....and, did I mention it's Green?

Sweet Geek drove it home - he likes it. I can't wait to take it on a road trip......

Oh, and why Jeep? They offer a lifetime Powertrain warranty now on all new vehicles. :grin: The Liberty has good reviews......and did I mention the mpg is better than my truck?

Even though the dealership was full of idiots, I am happy with the experience. I Love my wheels will fit in the back with room to spare, it seats 5......:grin: