December 3rd, 2007

EOI: M'lady

It's Monday...

and I love my Jeep! :grin: It's a fun, fun, fun little SUV (only, it's not so little.) and handles well.

This week looks busy, here at work anyway. Friday I am "sick" - gotta do holiday shopping with Sweet Geek, this weekend will be restful (Sweet Geek is selling his hog, so he needs Saturday to clean it up before the prospective buyer comes out.) While I'll miss spending time with him, I am looking forward to a lazy weekend. (Sleep, anyone? Naps? Oh, yeah - I can get behind that! Especially since I am still not sleeping well. :sigh:)

While I have a few minutes, I need to hit eBay. Jeep is WAY too proud of some of their stuff......($180 for a mp3 Aux cable? I snagged one on eBay for $6.99!!!) and I want to get some stuff. Or at least price it. :grin:
me: jeep

Reason # 14 why I am impressed with...

Randall Noe Jeep. I mean, the experience was, on the whole, OK (but punctuated by hilarity - more on that in a bit), but the AFTER care has been astounding.

Let's see...I gave a quick overview yesterday AM (but I was still asleep, so it was brief). I need to go back and record this for prosterity. :grin:

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So, would I recommend Randall Noe? long as you get an older, *experienced* salesman to help you. The Customer Service Liason is *awesome* at her job, as is S#3 (the one I was *supposed* to talk to. I hope he gets a bit of commission, since he actually *helped* me, unlike S#1 and #2).

The Liberty? I *love* it. It handles well, there's TONS of room in the back (we fit a 50 pound bag of dog food in, parallel with the sides, and there was 2" of space on both ends left), and there is PLENTY of room for the kids. It's not fancy, but it'll do, and I LOVE the color. :grin: For a small family (it seats up to 5) it's perfect (if you like Jeeps) gets 22 MPG (supposedly..we'll see. ANYTHING will be better than the 18 I was getting in my truck - on a good day, with a strong tail-wind, that is), and it's,'s a JEEP.