December 4th, 2007

Disney: L&S Stitch upside down

It's only Tuesday...

and I feel like I was run over by a bus. I just *love* this time of year. /sarcasm Both Himself and I are suffering from scratchy throats (I broke out the Vits A, C, and E this morning, and he learned how to swallow pills), and he's coughing again. :sigh: Cold and Flu season Sucks.

Tonight marks the beginning of Chanukah - the Festival of Lights. The kids are looking forward to it - Himself has apparantly been talking about it at school. He told me last night that some of his friends are jealous, because he gets to open presents for *8* days, and he doesn't have to wait for Giftmas. :grin:

We discussed the meaning of Chanukah last night, and I have games and readings ready for each night. I'm still up in the air about *where* to light our menorah - you're supposed to do it in a window....but I worry about fire. :sigh: We'll see....I wanted to get an electric one for the window, but ran out of time this year - maybe next year. (Our menorah is ceramic, and the kids picked it's.....colorful. That's all I'll say about it. :grin:)

Not much else to report...except that I got yet *another* call from the Dealership. :grin: Those people......:shakes head: It's amazing and hysterical, all at the same time. Wonder how they are at the service end of it? :grin: