December 5th, 2007

Calvin: Faces


is it Friday yet? No.....just Wednesday. Well, that's ok - I usually have a lunch date on Wednesday. :grin:

Had a bit of excitement this AM - at 3:30, I heard a loud 3:50, when I finally got up, I noticed that the top of the gerbil cage was on the floor. :sigh: I figured I had at least 1 escapee...and I hoped it wouldn't find the mousetraps.

Apparantly, the crash scared the li'l buggers, because both of them were in the cage at 4:30. :whew: The top has been tightly secured, and both kidlets have been cautioned against leaving part of the cage open. (Speaking of gerbils, there are 2 newborns at the daycare. I have already said NO to any more..:grin:)

I received ANOTHER email and phone call from the dealership. Man...if they do this with EVERYONE who buys a vehicle from them, how do they have time to, y'know, actually *sell* cars? :grin:

Well, I'd best get to it. Gots stuff to do....
fiber: sheepie knitting


according to my pattern, I am done with the scarf (well, less the 6 rows to actually *finish* it)..but according to my ball of yarn, I'm not even 1/2 done. Think I'll go along with the yarn on this one...:grin:

The receipient has seen and admired it, but has NO clue that it's intended for *her* :snicker: I love stealth gifts......

Been "window shopping" today....I found a cargo cover for a Liberty that *might* fit's for a '05, but the seller is going to get me the measurements so I can be sure before I buy it. He's got it listed for $50; the dealership wants $160 for it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...what would you do? :grin:

I also want to get some mud flaps, and maybe running boards. eBay has them both for less than 1/2 what the dealer wants...I just need to decide if I *really* need them. (The mud flaps, yes...the running boards, maybe.)

Need to get this scarf finished so I can a)finish my fingerless gloves (1 is completely done, the other needs the finger-bits), b) finish the other giftmas stuff, and c)make LM a hat (got the yarn and needles, just need to *do* it) I also need to sit at the wheel and get Sweet Geek's yarn at least to the plying point....(it needs to be a 3-ply to actually be *yarn*...I have 1 bobbin filled. This is going to take a while....) AND I have 1 scarf to warp and weave off......(checks calendar...I *think* this is all do-able, less the yarn)

Back to the scarf!
HA: kira

Happy Chanukah!

So far, Chanukah is rockin' my socks off - at least, the way we're celebrating it is. :grin:

Both evenings, we've come home, I've fed the critters, got supper ready, then lit the candles. I'm still self-conscious doing the blessings (I think that'll change with time and familiarity), but I bless the servant candle, light it, then bless the current candle and use the servant candle to light it (and the others). We eat, the kids clean up (YES!), I do a Bible verse and explain how to apply it, then it's present time.

The kids seem to be absorbing the lessons, and - I'm impressed. Because there's not a total dearth of presents (only 1 per night, getting bigger as the Festival progresses), they actually get to *play* with the current gift - it's not "open gift, squeal, toss it aside, grab another gift, etc." It's....nice. MUCH nicer than giftmas, and the kids are actually focusing on the REAL reason (even if Jesus wasn't born in December - it was either September or to say "He is the reason for the season" is a lie.../soapbox) we celebrate, and why Lights are so important.

Because the rest of the family doesn't agree with our beliefs, giftmas will still occur - but only with family. *WE* won't exchange gifts again (well, we will with the family members) and we'll probably do a movie or something giftmas day. :grin:

Anyway, I can't wait to see how this unfolds as we go along!