December 13th, 2007

Firefly: Shiny Engine


The scarf is *finished*. Done. Completed. Cast Off. Whee! :grin: With time to spare, and 2 yards of yarn left over, even.

Next up: Finish my fingerless gloves. All that needs doing is the fingers on glove #2.....20 minutes, tops. (Well, I'm at work, so maybe an hour, max.) Then, I'll cast on for LM's hat.

Speaking of which, I spent over an hour last night reorganizing all my knitting needles. Man, I had NO CLUE I had SO MANY size 8 needles....:grin: I also *really* need to do something about all my circs....the interchangables have their own case(s), but the regular circs......they breed. That's my only excuse - they've been watching the looms and wheels, and have started breeding. :grin:

Tonight, I'll get back to the weaving and bang that scarf out. It *has* to be done by Saturday, so I can wash it and gift it Sunday. It's doable...but I HAVE to sit and actually, you know, *weave*. :lol:
Calvin: Happy Dance

It's a beautiful day!

The sun is shining, the temp. is above freezing, the birdies are singing, and I had lunch with my Sweet Geek. :grin: Life is good!

Fingerless gloves are *done*. Hat is cast on, the ribbing is finished, and I am mindlessly knitting my way up the body. Whee!

The dealership called - if they can find me a loaner car, Libby will be at the shop tonight getting her brakes replaced tomorrow. We'll see......:grin:

Off to browse eBay....gots some things I'm watching and I need to see if I can score them....:whistles innocently: