December 16th, 2007

Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

I'm still alive...

I think. This cough will NOT quit...ugh. Ah, well...

Sweet Geek took me to see The Golden Compass yesterday. It was good - I haven't read the books, so some of it was confusing as hell - but I think I'll pass on taking the kids. They can wait for the DVD to come out.

I have NO CLUE why it's being boycotted by the religious right - I didn't see ANYTHING objectionable in it. Maybe the books have more anti-religon sentiment; the movie...well, I didn't see any. Ah, well....(I still want an ice bear of my own...)

The scarves are DONE and delivered - Sweet Geek has the photo on his camera, so I can't upload it yet. :grin: I've started another knitted scarf - last minute "oops" prezzie - in red Angel Hair. Fast knitting, even if it is plastic yarn.

Gotta finish assembling a prezzie, so I can get it into the mail tomorrow or Tuesday. Fun stuff!