December 27th, 2007

GQ: Computer says No


Finished painting at 8:15 PM. Then I cleaned under the kitchen sink. :yawn:

Today, got up at 4, reorganized the studio, woke the kidlets up at 5, did 2 loads of laundry, took out 6 bags of trash, ran the kids to daycare at 6...and am now sitting here waiting on the plumber (due here between 9 and 10). I'm trying to decide if I want to go ahead and install (erm....ATTEMPT to install) the new faucet, or if I want to get the pros to do it....:sigh:

Got new glasses yesterday. The prescription didn't change a whole lot, but my right eye is degenerating at a slightly faster rate then the left one. The optometrist isn't concerned...and I don't need bifocals *yet*. (Thank goodness I'm nearsighted to a fault - otherwise, it'd be bifocal city Now.). $625 later, I have new glasses and sunglasses. (The lenses? Of my regular glasses? $310. OUCH. My healthcare discount got me the frames almost free....the buy 1 pair, get $100 off the 2nd got me the frames for my sunglasses almost free. :still - owie:) The good news is that I now have kickin' sunglasses (my old pair sucked....cheapie plastic frames that looked stupid. This pair? Ray Bans, baby....I'm rockin' the Jeep, now. :grin:) I won't know if they're dark enough until the sun comes back...but they dipped 'em 3x. They appear dark enough....hope it gets sunny soon. (They'll dip 'em again for I'm not too concerned.) My regular glasses look better on my face - I need to get used to them (they're...oval-ish instead of round. Very different.)

Oh - and while I was at the optometrist's office, I turned the tech onto the guild meetings. She saw me knitting and got interested...:grin: (Just because I can't make the meetings doesn't mean I don't want it to succeed - I'd been trying to get something started out here for *years*....too bad I can't go, but you can't have everything you want, knowwhatImean?) I hope she shows up...she was fascinated by the whole picking-up-loops process.

We hit Half Price after...they're having their end of year 20% off sale. Good books, cheap(er) price. Win/Win. :lol:

Off to rustle up some caffiene...I need it. I'm tired! Still need to put a few things away in the studio (the Pumpkin Spice paint really warmed up the room, and doesn't seem to cast a glow on anything. The yarn colors still look true to me - I'll know more when the sun shines in the window) and get to warping the Glimakra. :yawn: I'll nap tomorrow!
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Firefly: OMG Yeah!

Houston, we have

a new faucet. And a water filtration system (almost). :grin:

I can't believe it - I finally have a faucet tall enough to fill pots from. Yay! :lol:

Pipes are fixed...he's finishing up the system now. :squee:

Looks like I'll get a nap after all....(maybe)