January 2nd, 2008

fiber: Glimakra Loom

It's Wednesday...

and I'm back at work :boo hoo: Ah, well....slow day today, so it's good. :grin:

Have 1.5 dishtowels finished. I'm going to try to finish #2 tonight...but we'll see. I'd like to shovel out some of my bedroom this week, and that might take priority.

Would have finished #2 yesterday, but we ended up going to the movies. We saw "National Treasure: Book of Secrets". *Great* movie. Especially if you liked the first one - this one moves faster, and is *way* cool. Himself *loves* the first one, so we (Sweet Geek and I) decided the 2nd one was a good choice. (We were right) :grin:

Watched Star Wars, Ep. 1 & 2 last night. Sweet Geek tore apart and cleaned my CSM during - he's agitating for some wool socks for his early-morning photo shoots. :grin: I have no problems with this - especially since the CSM will crank them out quickly. The needles are soaking in WD-40 right now; I'll be putting them back in Friday and seeing if I can get it working again. :grin:

Finished "The Golden Compass". :whew: The book is *WAY* different from the movie...I can see why the church would boycott it, IF the movie was, y'know, actually like the book. (They made SO MANY changes, I honestly don't see how they can say "based on the novel by..." because....yeah. They moved a lot of the action around, totally cut some important scenes, and changed others.) I've started #2, "The Subtle Knife"...it's...different. We'll see if I can slog my way thru it.

Oh! While we were out yesterday, I got me a new coat. The theatre was in the Tanger Outlet Mall...where there is a Wilson's Suede and Leather. We had gone to the Wilson's in Town East, but I didn't see anything worth spending *that* much money on...I wasn't really expecting to find anything. But, in we went, anyway - Sweet Geek was looking for a hat to wear in the rain (a nice Aussie Bush hat).

Score! I got a very nice leather coat - I think it's a biker jacket - for $99. And a bush hat (leather) for $30. The coat is dark brown with burgundy and white stripes, and burgundy top-stitching. *Very* nice coat...and a steal of a price! :grin: It's a man's model, but I like it, because there's more room for layers under it. :lol:

Need to go research furniture...the Amish stuff is gorgeous, but I want to verify the prices are good. :grin: