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January 3rd, 2008 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About January 3rd, 2008

Blah de blah de blah..... 07:55 am
This is turning out rather blathery, and all over the place, so I'll cut it for the sake of your friend's pages.

You'll thank me for this, I'm sure! :grin:Collapse )
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Well, THAT didn't last long.... 06:09 pm
2008 started great. Terriffic, even. Now...not so much.

We came home to a large puddle pond in front of the garage. It seems that the cold weather was finally too much for my outdoor pipes...the one on the North side of the house (of course) burst.

This is problematic. See, my house only came with 2 spigots, both tied into the house water line. I needed a line running from the water main (near the front gate) to the horse paddocks (behind the house). The guys that ran my water line did a clever thing - they removed the spigot on the North side, added a...splitter, I guess you'd call it, dug a trench, and tied everything in. They added a cut-off valve on the pipe coming up from the ground, and life was good. :grin:

Until today. The pipe sprung a .5" split right above the cut-off valve, and water was spraying *everywhere*. It would slow down when I ran water in the house...so the kids got baths early, and I ran a load of laundry.

The plumber came out straightaway (I think I have a permanent plumber; they installed the water filtration system AND the new faucet for $185, and came out tonight quickly), but didn't actually *fix* it. See, if he fixed it tonight, I'd be hit with a large bill (after-hours fees are big, according to him), so instead he capped it off and will be back out tomorrow to actually repair it.

Me? I'm happy - I have water in the house, and no leak. :grin:

He just finished - I must go close the gate and inspect his work. :lol:
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