January 4th, 2008

Firefly: Sudden Betrayal


the plumber just left.....$285. To fix a broken pipe. :sigh: Of course, $175 of it were After-Hours charges for the visit last night (20 minutes, tops).

Well, it had to be done ASAP - I couldn't put my kids to bed sans baths last night, and, quite honestly, I didn't want to trek out to the shut-off at 4 AM to turn the water on for MY shower (or trek back out there at 4:20 AM, wet and shivering, to cut it back OFF)...so I can't complain, really.

And, it's only money. :lol: Easy come/easy go and all that rot. :grin:
fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit


Finally - FINALLY - started the decreases on my current hat. Don't know why it's taken so long - the hat is simple, on size 5s....but it's with commercial yarn (Handpaint Heaven's Merino single, IIRC), and I guess that's the problem.

Tonight we try to get the CSM back up and running, and hopefully it will gift us with a pair of socks (out of junque yarn, first - I'm not going to ruin Sweet Geek's boot socks yarn testing the blasted machine! :grin: Plus, I need another pair of socks....:lol:) I'm hoping to get to test knit on my new knitting machine, too - I know quite a few people that could use new sweaters! :lol:

Had to give up on finishing the "His Dark Materials" (Golden Compass) series....I've read reviews, both of the movie and the books. They all praise Pullman's writing.....quite frankly, I think it Sucks. Sucks-like-my-Dyson sucks, to boot. They are misclassified as children's books - YA, yes, I can get behind that, but NOT children's.

Book 1 is fine - scattered, poorly written, but ok - up until the last 3 or 4 chapters (which are, ironically, the ones left OUT of the movie. Go figure!) I don't mind authors using vernacular in their works....but when every other sentance has "e'nt it?", "so, he came. Right. Then, we.." or somesuch, it gets old - ESPECIALLY when the speaker was brought up IN A COLLEGE that is the equivalent to Oxford. :sigh: Book 2....ah, NOW I see why the church as a whole is up in arms over it.

Book 2 reveals the whole agenda of the author - he has his main characters set up to kill God. Right..whatever. He has the fallen angels helping out, and makes God out to be a feeble old man who's way behind the times. By ch. 4, I gave up and just skimmed the rest of it and all of book 3.....where he has Lyra (just 12, remember!) and the "hero" (also 12) do the sexing in "the Garden" - yes, Lyra is the "new Eve" and Will is the "new Adam". At 12. In a CHILDREN'S BOOK. (No, it's not over-the-top graphic...but it's obvious what is going on.....even to a naive child it would be obvious, I think)

I don't think I'm a prude (looks at current reading material "Men in Kilts" by Katie macAlister and falls over laughing - the "heating the sheets" starts on page *19*, and, while not graphic doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination :wink wink nudge nudge:), but this kind of bothered me. Especially since these are marketed as Children's Books.

Will I let my kids read them? Not right now - maybe never, but definatly Not Now. Will I let them see the movie? Maybe....I'll see when it comes out on DVD. As I said before, the movie didn't bother me - it did move awfully fast, and felt choppy - I just need to reevaluate it when it hits Thrallmart's shelves. (Oh, and the church got it wrong - 1 "boycott or else" essay I read stated that Lyra's *parents* were Adam and Eve...Nope. Got that wrong - wonder what else they screwed up on? :heh:)