January 8th, 2008

fiber: Glimakra Loom


I just spent the last hour setting up a webpage with the equipment I need to rehome. I have come to the conclusion that yes, you really *can* have too much stuff (hard to believe, huh? :lol:)...and I really need the space so I can move my warping reel and yarn blocker into the studio instead of having it encroach on the kids game room.

Here's where you can take a peek.....only 3 items right now. I'm still debating over the Kumihimo set...I haven't done ANY Kumihimo in.....huh. So long that I can't remember *when* I last looked at it. *That's* not good....:grin: Guess I need to research going rates on that, too........:contemplates:

Soon as the LeClerc loom sells, I'll start looking for a small floor loom - I *need* a smaller loom to do short, quick projects on and for the kids/Sweet Geek to use. :nods: (The table looms are good, but limited on the length of warp you can put on. I like *long* warps - more weaving fun and less planning! :grin:)

The Louet has already been "replaced" by the soon-to-be-finished AA Production wheel...so that's taken care of (I ordered it last March....may the wheel stork come soon! :lol:)

I think I'm done acquiring equipment...honest. I don't *need* anything else (that I know of.....) - I mean, I'd like a motor for my Drum Carder, but that's just an upgrade. I'd like a picker, but they're dangerous, and I'm not so sure me + lots of pointy teeth = good idea. :lol: I have combs and carders....so, yeah - I think I'm pretty well set. (The small floor loom being the only exception...but I mentioned that already).

Off to think about Kumihimo......
Sheepie: Bah!


I just printed out the info for this year's County Fair. They've gone up on their entry fees - they've doubled this year. Yeah, $2 isn't much.....but.

See, the entry fees come out of my discretionary fund. It's not big, and I use it for the "fun" stuff - vacations/zoo visits/movies..stuff like that. I have a set amount each month I try to not exceed it (and usually fail miserably, but...:grin:) Usually, it's not a problem.

This year, it is. We've got a LOT of trips planned this year - we're going to Houston, naturally, but also Galveston, San Antonio, Austin, Big Bend, Longview....right now, we have about...10 trips planned. Most weekend ones, but still - hotel rooms, gas, and food all add up. Yes, Sweet Geek will help - but I will NOT allow him to foot the bill for all these trips.

So.....$1 extra per entry will hurt. I had already scaled back my entries - 1 knitted item and a few skeins of yarn for sure....maybe a woven one - and the kids..well, Herself will have 1 drawing for sure, Himself..probably nothing (especially if the looms sell. :grin:) I just haven't had the time to get stuff done (I have 2 shawls, a pair of socks, 3 washcloths and a hat on the needles now....granted, the hat is within 18 rounds of being finished; I have 2 spinning projects on the wheels (and a...lot of yarn to choose from anyway), and dishtowels on the loom)...the Fair isn't until April 1, but entries are due March 7....and I don't know that I'll have time to get more done. (The hat is my default knitted entry. It'll be done by then, and I can do without it this winter...the rest? I have 1 sock almost to the toe decreases, but the shawls are...well, 1 of them might be finish-able, but I see a glaring mistake in it right in the middle. The receipient probably won't notice it - but *I* do, and I can't enter something I'm not 100% happy with. :sigh:)

I just don't want to be accused of not entering out of fear I won't win - I DON'T CARE about that. Yes, we have a guild now - I hope EVERY member enters something - especially handspun yarn (there STILL isn't a category for that - I looked 3 times :sigh:). I won't have my handwoven jacket finished - I can't sew, and haven't had the time to find someone who does to convert my yardage into a jacket yet.

:sigh: Guess I need to see what the trip schedule is - if we have a destination the weekend of the fair, then my decision's made - I won't enter anything. If not, then I'll see what I can get done.

Fun stuff.....and now, back to the hat!