January 9th, 2008

Firefly: Big Damn Heros


Looks like the Louet has sold...now I just gotta move the 2 table looms out. If I don't have any nibbles by tomorrow, I'll head over to Craig's list and try there. Won't hurt - and might move 'em out faster.

Am fighting a stomach bug today....fun stuff :tmi: NOT. :sigh: I need to be home in bed; instead I'm by myself up here. :blech:

Had lunch with Sweet Geek yesterday instead of today - good thing, since I was fine yesterday. :grin: Made the day go by faster, too.

Not much else to report...wove a few picks last night on the latest dishtowel, pulled out the sock to try and finish it (after the hat is done..I'm not in any condition to work on it right now)....

Think I'll lay my head down a bit...
Firefly: We're all gonna die


Well, the bug won - Ms boss called and, after a *short* discussion, sent me home. :ick: I took just enough time to stop at Wallyworld for yougert and dog food (the dogs were out), then I came home and crashed.

Glad I'm home - the Water Supply Corp *FINALLY* sent a crew out. (Sweet Geek claims he hasn't called them....). Let's see...we called the Emergency # Saturday evening, it's now Wednesday...yeah, that's about par for the course. Judging by the amount of dirt they have piled up, the leak *is* on their side, not mine - Praise God for that!

No, I haven't gone out there - I'm sure I'd just get sick all over them, which wouldn't go over to well. I've just peeked out the window a few times. :grin:

So far, the yougert has stayed where it's supposed to.......:bleh: