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January 15th, 2008


Blah de blah de blah... 08:53 am
so. Started swatching for my next project. (Shut.Up. Yes, I'm on the toe of sock #1. Yes, I have the yarn ready for sock #2. The 1 DPNs are killing my wrist. I need bigger needles, damnit! :grin:)(Also, I snapped a fingernail last night at the grocery store. Down IN the nail bed...about 1/2 way down, and the crack runs 1/2 way across the nail. Can you say Ouch? The larger needles don't seem to hurt..the #1s and the K2togs and SSK are killing me...:sigh:)

I have 10 balls of Noro Lily (or..whatever. Cotton/silk yarn. Yummy) in a nice multicolor (#23 - discontinued now). I want a nice tank top, methinks...so yesterday I went pattern-hunting.

Ended up with 2 - both from Elann. The Sonata Print Lace-Up Tank and the Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank top. Hmmm.....

I like both...but I'm thinking that the lace-up one would look best in this yarn. So, off I go. It's mitered squares - no problem. I try on size 5s (the yarn calls for 6 or 7s....I tend to knit loose, so down I go)....no go. The square is *supposed* to be 1.5" x 1.5". I get a square of 1" x 1". OK. I move up to a 6.....nope. 1.25"-ish x 1.25"-ish..and the square is...flimsy. I haven't tried the 7s yet....

Time to regroup.....looking at the measurements, the smallest is a 35" bust. Urk. You need to do it 2" to 4" SMALLER than your actual measurement.....I'm 36". The model? 38" - and she's in the smallest size. The other thing? You start the rows right below the bust (or so it looks)....and your needle sizes go UP as you go lower. Hmmm.........

I'm thinking I'll go with the 5s and see what happens. You don't cut the yarn until you've finished a row...I can "try it on" then, and see. If it works, great..if not :grumble: I get to frog and regroup (again). It's only knitting, after all...:grin:
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Knitting, take 2 12:42 pm
or 4. :grin: I *did* go with the 5s. I am now on square #4..and, I like it.

According to the chart, 3 squares should = 4.5". My 3 squares = 4". Unstretched. I'm happy with this....

Went to JoAnn's at lunch, looking for some rosewood needles. I am very surprised - they don't have them. Huh. Oh, well - I am using bamboo right now (my 6s are metal), and don't mind it - but I have 2 50% off coupons I want to use! :grin:

Back to it!
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