January 16th, 2008

fiber: sheepie knitting

It's Wednesday...

and that means the week is half over! Whee!

I just finished square #12 (out of 22 for row 1)...I like it. Each square takes about 10 minutes (less if I'm paying attention), and I don't need to look at the pattern anymore. We'll see if I can keep it up. :grin:

Not much else to report - nothing strange happened yesterday (thankfully!), the grain has been replenished.....life is good.
Disney: L&S Caffeine

Busy, busy, busy....

Finally get a chance to do a "real" post :grin:

We watched NOVA last night - I now know more about degrees Kelvin, Absolute Zero, Quantum Computers, and Einstein-Barna (or..something "B") condensate then any non-scientist needs to. :lol: Fascinating stuff, really....

My Knitpicks order shipped today, so I'll be able to start on a sweater soon. But NOT until I finish my tank top - priorities, y'know. :grin:

Sweet Geek is *too* sweet - he actually called to *apologize* for not taking me out to lunch today. First off, lunch wasn't planned - they're being audited next week, and he needs to prepare. Secondly, there was a minor crisis that needed to be fixed..so, no apology was needed OR expected. But, he still gave me one. :huggles:

How sick is it that I'm obsessing over the "Vintage" socks that Yarn Harlot posted last week? I have no need for wine-inspired socks..but the leaves are *so* cute....:snicker: I really don't need another project...but that kit sure looks like it'd be a lot of fun.......

Must run - boss is here!