January 24th, 2008

Firefly: We're all gonna die

Well..THAT was an interesting occurance..

we get to the office this morning only to discover that the Beauty Shop below us (1 office over, yet) caught fire last night. we're OK - I'm backing up all our files now..but UGH, the smell...

It doesn't help that I am allergic to smoke. Or that our office (RIGHT above the corner of the shop) is FULL of smoke and soot. Or that our boss is a bitch who said, and I quote "It can't be THAT bad". :sigh:

I can't breathe. I can taste the shit....ugh. My lungs are burning...I really really hope the bad weather hits tonight so I don't have to come in...and I REALLY hope she comes up here and gets hit in the face with this shit so we can go home. (The landlord? TOLD us to leave. Our insurance agent? Ditto. Stupid bitch...)
Firefly: Shiny Engine


So, we got to go home at Noon - Blackman Mooring is going to de-smoke-ize our offices tonight, so that we can breathe again. :ugh: I came home and immediately jumped in the shower - my hair? Was *black* from all the smoke and soot. :shudder:

It's currently undergoing a deep-conditioning treatment - it needs it!

Good news - since I got home early, I hit the Post Office. My Knitpicks order was in - Whee! 41 balls of yarn, in a small-ish box. (Yes, it exploded when I opened it :grin:) Can't start on the cardigan yet - gotta finish my tank first - but I *did* try out the Harmony DPNs. LOVE them. The K2togs went like butter.....wow. Oh, wow. I will be getting a full set of these, I think, and re-homing my bamboo needles, I like them so much! (Needless to say, I'll also be getting the Harmony Options set :lol:)

Off to knit!