January 28th, 2008

Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

Weekend woes....

Busy weekend. Got stuff done.....also made a few decisions. Cut to spare those who could care less...:grin:

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So, busy weekend, and I have a better grip on what I need to do now.

Office update: still smokey, still stinky. Better than last week, when we couldn't STAND to be there - Blackmon-Mooring put gel-packs in the ceiling ducts, and new filters. We can still smell the smoke, and our eyes are stinging, but it's a LOT better.

And, we're going house-hunting this weekend - he's found 2 promising sites, and the realtor is looking for more. :whee:
fiber: AA Norwegian Wheel

I forgot!

What with all the upset yesterday, I forgot that on Saturday we hit the local Antique mall. We were actually in that area to look at the unfinished furniture store - I need some new (taller) barstools, and don't really want to pay the Amish store for them (can't afford it AND the dining set), so - there we were. (The unfinished store? $148 EACH. The Amish Outlet? $166 for FINISHED stools that MATCH the dining set. Gee....wonder what I'll be doing?? Later, of course! :grin:)

Anyway...I found 7 spinning wheels. 1 a lovely decoration (no WAY would that thing ever be made to actually *spin*) - it was a Saxony style with distaff, 4 antiques (none of which thrilled me - 1 was decorative, I think (Norwegian castle-type with all the stuffs...but, the treadle did NOT make the wheel go 'round, and there was no way to fix it), a poor, abused Ashford Traddy (busted hub, wheel out of line and loose) and....a Great Wheel. It was warped, but usable (maybe)..but it needed a real spindle (the one it has is wood, and looks fake). :sigh:

I do NOT need another wheel - I have plenty. I'm just a bit upset that a newbie might see these and go nuts over 'em....ah, well - not my problem. :grin:

Gotta skitter!