February 6th, 2008

me: bun


:grr: LJ just ATE my entry. :sigh: SO, to recap:

Baerreis has great customer service - my Finny fork broke Monday, and they are replacing it for free. NOT what I expected - I bought it in August, love it, but it snapped right where the 2 fins come together.

No biggie - I was getting ready to order a Purpleheart "simple round" anyway, so I'll just include the check in the box I'm returning my Finny in. :grin:

In other news...not much. Heart (the little shit) kicked me last night, but she's little, so no damage was done. Except to her dignity - I bopped her on the nose. :grin: Himself has 3 new pairs of jeans and a cake topper set on the way (LOVE eBay- LOVE IT).....I'm waiting to hear on my new camera (take 2)...nothing else to report.
Calvin: Happy Dance


Sweet Geek just called me - he had a camera club meeting last night. He had entered 2 photos in their monthly contest......"my" duck won 1st place! (It's a duck that's Just Landing on the local pond - it looks like he's standing on the water. Totally *cool* photo - don't know why it's "mine", but I'll take it!) AND, his photo of Edinbourough Castle won 3rd! :squee:

Also, my camera is shipping today! 45 minutes on the phone to find this out...but hey, it's going out! (I called to see if I could cancel it - I found the same camera on eBay, WITH a lot of accessories, for......less. :sigh: Oh, well - THIS camera is guaranteed to work, the eBay one isn't (no where in the description is it mentioned that it works; you assume it does, but it doesn't *say* it. And the seller has less than 10 feedbacks. :yikes:) No biggie - win some/lose some, but, again - MY camera will work when it gets here.) 3-day shipping...it'll be here by Friday. Hopefully. :grin:

Gotta pack up the fork to send to Baerreis.....she's already making my replacement and Purpleheart one. :whee:
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