February 12th, 2008

EOI: M'lady

It's Tuesday...

and the kids *loved* the new routine yesterday. There were NO problems, both kids loved getting home early and watching TV....I hope it continues this way.

Starbucks has these *awesome* chocolate muffins....mmmmmmmmmmm. The barista gave me 1/2 of one to try this morning...I have GOT to get me some more! It was chocolatey goodness......

Am up to row 4 of the cabled pattern on the back of the cardigan. Fun stuff! Love it - it goes *so* fast, because I can't wait to see what the next row does for it. :grin: The yarn (color "Pampas Heather" - I checked :lol:) knits up nicely (it's a bit splitty...but it's no big deal) and looks *great*. Can't wait to see it on Sweet Geek! :wink:

Need to firm up Friday's menu....looks like steak, garlic mashed 'taters, mixed veggies and lava cake. We'll see....depends on what the grocery has in the way of steaks. :grin: