February 20th, 2008

Calvin: Faces


my wrist has gone on strike this morning. :sigh: I manged to get to row 5 of the pattern, though, so all is not lost. :grin:

I've also revamped Sweet Geek's b-day prezzie. I think I've found the right wool (I *LOVE* Steph Gaustad! She's a lifesaver!), now to just get it in and spun up. I'm a realist - there's NO WAY it'll get done in time...but I have an alternative plan. :heh:

Himself has decided that he wants to get into photography. Gee...wonder why? :grin: Sweet Geek is all fired up - he's looking at good entry-level cameras/lenses/whatever for him. Me? I'm just sitting here smiling like a Cheshire Cat. It's good to see both of my guys interested in the same thing.

Lunch plans today - can't wait! :bounce: