March 14th, 2008

Firefly: OMG Yeah!

It's Spring Break!

and the kids are off to G'ma's today. Himself wants to haul along the Nintendo 64, his new bicycle, and his tool box. :grin: Herself is hauling along all her art's gonna be a FUN week! :snicker:

Me? Tonight we buy Sweet Geek's new camera (Nikon D300), tomorrow we pick up our new-to-us shed (Brand-y new, almost, Tuff Shed..for $500. PLUS 100 stepping-stones (a value of $150)...which means the shed actually only cost $350. :boggle:), then finish the chicken coop. We need to get the run finished, too, so the hens can come home...we'll see if we get it done.

Co-worker bought me a cute li'l Hummel - she's a sock knitter. :grin: I've got her on my desk right now, but I need to find a permanant spot for her at the house.

Not much else to report - we're almost done with the Corp. returns. :huzzah: Just got that final push.....:blah: