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March 20th, 2008


It's Friday! 08:40 am
oh - wait - Thursday. :huh: Still, no work tomorrow, so it FEELS like a Friday. :grin:

Purim starts tonight at Sundown. I have the Hamantashen dough ready (it's chillin' in the fridge)and will bake the cookies tonight. For filling, I have chocolate chips and cherry pie filling :grin: should be Yummy!

I did, however, kill my ancient Sunbeam mixer. :sigh: It has decided that there is only 1 suitable speed to mix things..never mind that it is the *slowest* speed (out of *9*), and it likes letting the dough crawl up the beaters into the motor. :sigh: Guess I need to start hunting for an inexpensive KitchenAid (since Sunbeam is kinda defunct - stand mixer wise, anyway)

Ordered seeds yesterday for my garden from Heritage Seeds Didn't get a whole lot, but enough to justify a small garden plot. The chicken run comes first, though - *gotta* get the hens in.

Not much else to report - I gotta find me a new mixer! (Cheap...cheap is good. Which is why I had my 1960's era Sunbeam in the first place)
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LJ Strike 11:51 am
OK, so after a LOT of thought - yeah, I'm gonna join in. I don't approve of censorship, and I do NOT approve of how the new owners have handled some of their lastest "good ideas" :snerk:

Since it starts at midnight tonight and runs thru midnight tomorrow night (which falls on the Sabbath) I'll be even less visible this weekend than normal. Good thing I have lots to do IRL, huh? :grin:

LJ is more content-driven than the new owners realize, I think, and they need to be made aware of it.
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