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March 27th, 2008


Such is life... 08:11 am
so. I bought a refurbished KitchenAid Artisan last night - 4.5 qt, 300 watt, in white. They wouldn't take the 20% off (KA isn't included, supposedly), but they did knock $10 off...so I paid $159 for it (same price as Amazon, actually - only I had to pay tax. I *did* get it instantly....small trade-off).

That thing weighs 30 lbs! Heavy sucker....but I was told in comments yesterday to not buy a new one; to instead grab an older model with the Hobart motor. I must think about this.......I have a 6 month full warranty. :sigh: Must think...

Lunch date today - looking forward to it. Especially after what Ms boss pulled yesterday (don't ask...just - she's no boss. She has NO CLUE how to run an office...) :sigh:

I'm off - gotta look at eBay pricing. :grin:
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