March 28th, 2008

Firefly: Josh Whedon

Blah de blah de blah

I guess I shouldn't be too unhappy. It's Friday, the week is *almost* over, I have fun plans for the weekend.....and my 8 year old son is addicted to comic books. :grin:

I am NOT complaining about this - at least he's *reading*. The men in our family aren't noted for that - my brother disliked reading for pleasure, and the kids' dad was dyslexic and *hated* reading *anything*.

He has plowed thru 1 of my Calvin and Hobbes treasuries, 1 Star Trek comic book (something about Spock..whatever) and is currently plowing thru 2 new ones that came with Sweet Geek's new Firefly Comic ("Better Days" :lol:). I glanced at them - they are OK for him to read.....*I* don't like them, but then, I don't have to - I don't believe in censorship (except, he is too young for R- or X-rated stuff.)

Anyway, it's off to write the company's stuff! At least it's not taxes!