March 30th, 2008

Calvin: Faces


I'm posting from my laptop - wirelessly. :whee: It took Sweet Geek a few hours to figure it out - apparantly Dell their machines that you have to undo to connect to a wireless network. This is quite fun! :grin:

The chicken coop is DONE; pictures will be forthcoming. I have to figure out the photo software on this 'puter first. :grin: The PC has become the kids..sorta. Most of my stuff will probably still be done on it (:shhhhh: Don't tell Sweet Geek - he thinks the PC is redundant. He's a Mac man, though. :giggle:)

Not much else to report - the kids went to the Indian Pow-Wow yesterday and Himself got many, many pictures. We worked on the coop - as I said, *it's* DONE, but we still need to get the run put up. We have the posts..just not the wire, yet. I have 2 weeks to go before I get my chickies.

Off to surf now - this is fun. I can surf from the couch! Or the bedroom! Or the floor! :snicker: