April 7th, 2008

Firefly: Big Damn Heros

I made it thru the rain...

except, it wasn't raining yesterday. :grin: Anyway, we did make it home safely - and we found a shortcut that cut a good hour off of our drive time. :happy dance:

The games were good. (Yeah, I know I did a quick report on Saturday. Sue me. :lol:) Nice site - VERY nice, gravel roads (lotsa dust :ick:), plenty of trees, 2 permanant stages. LOTS of people - I had been told that it compared to Bedford - not even close. Bedford is SMALL, and cramped - San Antonio is not huge, but not tiny, and....at a guess, I'd say close to 4K people went thru. No comparison to NTIF or Arlington, but still a nice Festival.

Yesterday, we hit the Alamo. The kids were impressed, and enjoyed it. *That's* where all my pictures came from - not the inside, it's not allowed - but from the gardens outside. We ran into a few cheeky squirrels - Himself got some *great* photos of them, and were impressed by the Koi in the aquifer. The out-of-towners got on my nerves a bit...yes, it's a Historical Place. Yes, you *should* visit it - but please, Please, PLEASE, if you're going to visit a Very Important bit of State History, do a bit of research first? I had SO many idiots comment "Wonder what's so important 'bout this?" :bangs head: (True story - one lady asked me "So..where's the *real* Alamo? No, really - where's the real one? Wait...so...THIS is it? You mean it's not a reproduction?" :bangs head on pavement: She simply could not fathom that the Alamo (or..what's left, which is JUST the chapel, thanks so much for visiting!) is so small. It just HAD to be a reproduction, because they didn't do stone work like that in the 1800's (and, ummm...no, the Alamo was actually completed in 17--something or other, I think 95-ish. Yeah, it's old. And real.), so..y'know, when did we build it?)

We then hit San Antonio's famous River Walk.....enh. It was cool - pretty water features, but WAY too many overpriced restaurants. And way too many tourists in town for the Final Four. :shrug: Still, got some nice pictures, and it was a pleasant walk.

Moving along, Austin traffic sucks...we lost about an hour trying to get around a slowdown on I-35. We did discover a work-around....the toll road ($1.50 to get on....and, had we stayed, another $3 to get off......a grand total of $4.50 to take the toll road from beginning to end - I don't think so!). It was nice, and fast, and we got around most of the stoppage. We also discovered that SH 34 runs from Hillsboro to home, so we hopped off of I-35 there (and missed the frogs at Carl's Corner :boo hoo:) and saved an hour....so, now we know how to get to S/A in 4 hours or less. :grin:

Got tons of pictures to organize and clean up...so it might be a bit before I post any. I also need to go thru Himself's photos - they're mostly of the dogs at the Games (he spent a LOT of time with the puppies...:grin:) and other assorted animals.

All in all, a fun trip - and we're planning on doing it again next year. :whee: