April 8th, 2008

Calvin: Toilet

Ch. 6 - In which our Heroine proves her idiocy...

What? It's true...I have managed to get the tractor stuck. Not in the mud, no, that would be *too* easy. No, what I have done is the height of stupidity - even for *this* blonde.

What did I do, you may ask. Well.......let's start at the beginning, OK?

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In other news, Herself got a 3rd place in the County Fair for her pipe-cleaner sculpture. I'm a bit pissed over *that*, as well - I never gave permission for her to enter anything, since I knew we'd be out of town last weekend. :grrrr: I mean, yes, it's OK that she entered something - if we'd been in town all *4* of us would have entered something (Himself some weaving, Herself art, me yarn and hand-woven or -knit something, and Sweet Geek (who is on the PO Box and uses this address) some photos), but.....we weren't going to be here to get the stuff on Saturday. :sigh: I even told the teacher NO when she asked me to sign the release forms. :bangs head:

Although, that being said, I fully doubt we'll be entering the Fair next year, either. If things go the way I am expecting, the Fair will be the last thing on *many* people's minds. (I'm just sayin' - I fully expect something to happen in Jerusalem on Passover/Matzah/FirstFruits this year. I'm watching...)

Anyway, that's it for this intrepid idiot. Tune in next time for more fun-filled idiocy from your local Fiberaddict!