April 14th, 2008

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

:bleurgh: It's Monday...

and I'm stiff and sore. At least the chicken run got finished! :grin:

Speaking of the chickies..we checked on them this morning. It was a nice, breezy 36* out, and I was a bit concerned - but they were all fine and dandy. The Australorp was sitting on the roost, looking out the front window, 2 of the Buff Orps were sitting IN the feeder (dumb birds! :grin:), the rest were squished up in the corner. I'll get the kids to let them out when they get home from school (so they can watch them); tomorrow the same. We'll probably let them out for good next weekend - I want to make sure the fence is secure before letting them out "for good".

Not much else to report - I'll try to get pics of the chooks tonight, when they're exploring their new digs.