April 16th, 2008

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

Chickens: 1 Fiberaddict: 0

So...who knew that 4 - 8 week old chickens could squish through a 1.5"x4" opening? :grin:

Good news is that the kids got to (gently!) herd them back into the run. Bad news is that the first egg we get will be the world's only $1K egg (OK...so I josh. Coop = $200, Run = $400 (so far)....still, not too far off!) :lol:

Needless to say, there were no pictures last night. I'll be picking up more chicken wire today, and will be reinforcing the bottom of the run tonight. Saturday, I'll be putting up the deer netting across the top, to keep the hawks out.

I did get to socialize 6 more ladies last night.....only 13 more to go. :giggle:

Must dash.......gotta pretend to do some work!
me: portrait

Things I have learned about chickens:

1) Chickens are like cats in that they can squish themselves into things you would *never* even consider i.e.: fences. The April/May 2008 issue of Backyard Poultry magazine has an article stating that chainlink fencing is the *perfect* fencing for chicken runs. 'Ah!' said I 'If chainlink is good, then the 14 gauge welded wire stock fencing, with 1.5"x4" spacing will be just as good! But cheaper!' Yeah...only my 4 - 8 week old pullets can squish themselves right thru the holes....meaning that chainlink? Even easier to squish through.

2) Chickens are not the brightest bulbs in the box.

(a) They crush themselves up at the door, begging to be let out....but when the door is opened, they flee to the back of the coop, because OMG! There's a HOLE there! Run Away!! When I open the back door to change the water, there is a mass exodus to the front of the coop, but when they notice that the door is open, they come to a screeching halt and stand there, not sure What to Do.

(b) They won't drink out of the waterer when it gets filthy (let's not even *mention* the fact that *they* mess up the water, what with the flinging of feed and jumping in the water to get closer to the feeder, OK?).....and when I replace it with fresh, clean water? Mass rush, because we've been Dying of Thirst forEver!

3) Green plants, supposedly a rare treat for all chickendom, are suspect. They might attack the pullets when they aren't looking.....unless we snap them up and hit them against the walls of the coop first. :silly chickens:

4) Things must be pecked. Spot on the coop wall? Peck it - it might be edible. Piece of shavings on the floor? Peck it - it could attack you in your sleep - hey, you never know about those pine shavings! :grin:

5) The feeder is the *bestest* spot for sleeping - the crumbles keep your feet and belly all nice and warm. Nesting boxes are a good 2nd choice...but the floor is even better, especially when you do a dogpile. Roosts are for sissies!

And, this is only day 3! I shudder at the other stuff I'm in for......