April 20th, 2008

Disney: L&S Caffeine

Busy busy busy....

and yet, so much is left undone! :grin:

The chickens' run is STILL not finished - we got the 1x2s, but Sweet Geek wants to beef up the supports, so.....they're sitting in a neat little stack by one of the corners. We did let the flock out while we tidied and dug holes and did other outside stuff - they LOVED it. Dustbathing, scratching, chasing each other...it was fun to watch.

Tidied the inside of the house....still need to finish my bedroom. Fun!

Am So Sore today it's not funny....since no one else is up, think I might hit the tub. We'll see..I need to reboot the laundry right now. :grin: