April 22nd, 2008

Disney: Tink Damn

Well...THAT's interesting.

So, today is Earth day....and lo and behold I got my electric bill yesterday. (This works, trust me). I opened it....and :shock:...it was.......:gasp:.....$943.62. :pass out:

It seems that I managed to use 8,716 KWH last month (Not Hardly). At my current rate of usage (I read the meter myself last night) I'm using 789 KWH for 2 weeks....meaning an average usage of 1,578 KWH for *4* weeks. :blink:

I'm thinking they gave me a new meter....but I can't verify that. I'm currently on hold with the co-op....but there is NO WAY my house used 8,716 KWH in 1 month.

My most expensive bill to date (we've lived here since the house was built, Dec. 10, 2003) was $350 (or thereabouts - not more than that, for sure)...so, to claim that I owe $943.62 is...absurd.

ETA Nope - the reading IS correct. :gasp: Seems that the (former) meter reader hadn't read ANY meters in AT LEAST 6 months. :boggle: I'm not the only one this has affected - it's affected EVERYONE on my grid. (Last March, my bill was right at $300, April was $190, May was $195)

So, we have a payout contract to get me back current. They will NOT cut off the power because of this...but I have to pay it back in 6 months. :sigh: No really big deal.....last year I averaged $200/month; for at least 6 months I'll pay $350 or so to get it caught up. :bigger sigh:

Off to eat chocolate to console myself...