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April 24th, 2008


It's Thursday... 08:33 am
and I'm not gonna even *think* about the electric co-op today! I've got other things to do..like edit chicken pictures for the forum I'm on. :grin:

The baby bunnies are no more......apparantly one of the stray dogs found them. :sigh: I need to get more BBs.....:sigh:

Got a quote on a water well. Am taking it under advisement....trying to decide if I really *need* a well (.....I *know* I will in a year or 2, the way things are going. But..I have a pond and a creek. :ponder:) or if I should concentrate on wind/solar power first (much more $$ in initial set-up. No more co-op, though....)

Lots to think about this morning.....
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More chickie photos! 09:02 am
Because they're just that silly looking, and they change rapidly over the course of a week....and, did I mention that they're silly?

Chicky chicky bok bok bokCollapse )
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