April 29th, 2008

me: jeep

Well..we survived Monday...

can we survive Tuesday? :grin:

The kids are doing better. Himself has had a "perfect" week, and is working on a 2nd. I think it's 'cause G'ma is...paying him for good behavior. Hey - whatever works! :lol: Herself has calmed down - a lot of it is because Sweet Geek is paying her more attention, and, again - G'ma pays for good behavior. :snicker:

My chickens are nutty, nutty birds. I let them out last night, and they stampeded out the door, squawking all the way. Then, the wind blew, and most of them headed back inside :shakes head: They grow SO fast - I had no clue. They look more like chickens now, instead of weird, bird-like things.

I had no idea that Jeep owners had a special club - I received a "special" "for owner's only" magazine yesterday. :huh: Whatever.....it was 75% advertising (for overpriced brand merchandise) and 25% content. It's...interesting, to say the least. :lol:

Looks like we get to have lunch WITHOUT ms. boss - she has had lunch with us (at OUR expense, mind you, at places SHE dictates) for the past 2 weeks. It's getting old....especially since I am the lone stepchild. :sigh: Whatever...it pays the bills, yes? Today it looks like we might get to go to Taco Bell! Or Chik-fil-a!! :grin:

Gotta skitter - got some personal stuffs to do!