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May 8th, 2008


Wow... 08:16 am
it's currently NOT raining - wonder what's up with that? :grin:

Himself and I have been playing Gluckhaus every evening. He's gotten better about not winning - which is good. He's also gotten better at addition (which was the purpose of me buying *that* game), which makes the game go faster. Usually....it still all depends on the roll of the dice. (Go on - google the game. It's fun - AND period! :grin:)

Not much else to report - gas prices have zapped my play money, so we're not doing much. Except watch the chicken channel. :lol:
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The possessed iPod says:: Needfire: Dance with me

I'm tired... 07:15 pm
I just finished mowing half the backyard (the grass is...ummm.....waist high on me. It's...bad out there. I DID find the doghouse, and 2 of the 3 dogs, though! :grin:), and decided to surf youtube to relax. Lookie what I found:

Needfire, performing one of my favorite songs. This one shows how cool they are - they segued into a couple of pipe tunes in the middle of the set. :grin: Enjoy!
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The possessed iPod says:: Needfire (what else?): When I get There
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