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May 12th, 2008


:bleurgh: It's Monday... 07:34 am
and I'm bushed. Already. :grin:

Yesterday was grand - Himself fixed my breakfast All By Himself. (Well, OK - *I* cracked the eggs, but he scrambled them and cooked the sausage. :mom joy:) Then he and Herself gave me roses and handmade cards. :tear:

We spent the day at Sweet Geek's brother's. Fun stuff....got home and crashed.

I need a few days off to recover, but won't be getting them. Ah, well...:grin:
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Oh noes! :giggle: 01:01 pm
I think I'm losing my cred as a card-carrying gadget freak. In fact, I'll probably lose my card over this....:grin:

Cut so's not to bore ya'llCollapse )
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