May 13th, 2008

Disney: Tink Damn

When it rains, it pours...

:sigh: Broke another Baerreis fork last night - my cocobolo Little Egyptian. It fell out (thanks to the heavy winds we've been having - I really really really need a windmill!), and..well, Dusty found it before I did.

Even cocobolo isn't stout enough to hold up under 1000 pounds of fine horseflesh. :sigh:

Upshot, though - I need to make an order! :lol: (Lemonaide outta lemons, I'm tellin' ya!) I need another Little Egyptian, since I wear it a lot, and of their plain ones. We'll see..I need to see what wood I need for the new one (the replacement will be cocobolo, of course, since it goes with almost everything I wear).

We have our vacation plans pretty much hammered out - we know when, we know (pretty much) the where - just need to hammer out the details (like...*exactly* where in the National Park we'll be's a big park. Covers..more than one state. We'll stay in Texas, naturally, but.......:grin:) The kids are excited - a whole new area to explore! (It's going to be a camera safari, since Sweet Geek wants to take pictures all over the state for a book. Exciting stuff!)

However, this means that Herself's birthday party will be postponed...for 2 weeks. She's cool with it, though, so....we're good. Of course, I still have to *plan* her party....:lol:

I'm still trying to settle on the replacement Palm pilot.....there's a lot of older but refurb'd ones on eBay, or I could get a newer refurb'd model direct from Palm...or we could go to Fry's and see what they have. I need to think.......

Also need to get some hiking shoes for the kids. And me. :rollseyes: Fun stuff! :grin:

Gotta get to work now - boss is in. :sigh: