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May 21st, 2008


Blah de blah de blah...(very disjointed today) 08:36 am
It's a beautiful morning - 3 for 3. I could get used to this. :grin:

Got a bunch of stuff ordered for our trip...now we're in the waiting stage. I'm getting the snacks together, and the extras (bug spray, sunscreen, etc)..to show how bad I've got it, I've even set up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of this stuff (list-making run amok! :lol:) I'll be transferring it to my Palm soon.

Magellan is processing the map upgrade..hopefully we'll get the CD soon. Then the GPS will be set.

Still plugging away on the cardigan. 2" to go on the back, then I get to start the front. Can't wait - but I need to figure out how to space the buttons. Must think.....

The pool was chilly but not too bad last night. A very refreshing way to end the day. I'll miss it the 10 days we're gone...but we'll be hiking, so....I guess it evens out.

Kids are looking forward to summer break - it starts on the 29th. :sigh: The last year simply *flew* by.....
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