May 22nd, 2008

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

Didn't get to swim last night...

since it never broke 90*. The water is way too cold for me when the temps are in the 80s. :shrug: So, instead, I mowed the backyard (why yes, I *do* like my riding mower, why do you ask? :grin:)

It only took 30 minutes or so - it's amazing how fast it mows when the grass is just barely ankle-high. :snicker: However, I did make a grisley discovery...our neighborhood is now short 1 feline. :ick: Oh, and my mower will mulch up small animal parts...:double ick:

It makes me SO MAD when people decide to drop off thier animals....we have probably 40 feral/abandoned cats out here, because people seem to think that we'll adopt them or something if they dump them. Umm, no - they'll become roadkill or feral or dogfood. :sigh: I can't blame my dogs - they are fenced in my backyard, all 3 of them were bred to protect their flock/home, and the cat crossed the fenceline into their territory. Still, it's not a fun sight.

Well, such is life......on that note, I gotta skitter. I need to see how much money I can't give the gas station today!