May 23rd, 2008

Firefly: Karaoke

It's Friday....

and it hasn't come a day too soon. It's been a long slog here at work (we're down to almost *nothing* to do, Ms. boss comes in (and does NOTHING) so we have to look busy...yeah. I'll be glad to see this week over!

Been gathering up stuff for the trip - I got the first aid kit yesterday. They seller included a small, purse-sized kit, a carry bag, AND a frisbee - so, the kids are happy, I have a "snack" tote, and a first aid kit that'll stay in the car. I also won 6 tank tops...for $0.99. Even WITH shipping, it was only $8. :boggle:

Combing the Collective: I am looking for some software (preferably FREE) for my Palm to manage all my passwords. I've googled, and found some, but none of them had reviews. Anyone got any suggestions? (I found one I like, but it's $30. That's half a tank of gas! :lol:) It's for a Palm Tungsten E2, if it matters.
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Calvin: Happy Dance


Ms. boss didn't come in today, so I've been knitting. I finished the back of the cardigan!! Commence Happy Dancing, here!

Stats (so that I have them for records): a titch less than 6 balls (seriously - if I have 2 yards left of ball #6, I'll be surprised). 15 full pattern repeats, and 4 rows of #16 before bind off. 18" from ribbing to underarm (only slightly straightened; not really stretched) and 11" for the armhole (again, slightly straightened only).

My only concern is that the bind-off for the shoulders might not be wide enough. The pattern calls for binding off 47 stitches each side, leaving the center 44 on a holder (for the neck ribbing, later). Sweet Geek has *extremely* broad's hoping it fits (or, not - I could use a nice cardigan. :lol:)

Off to lunch! I might CO the front button band after lunch...or, I might not. I do have some photos to edit.....