June 1st, 2008

Calvin: Faces


Been a very interesting weekend so far. Got the kids their hiking boots (last minute decision...I figured they probably needed the extra support, so..off we went) at Bass ProShop - they LOVED it. Especially the oversized fish tank. And the Land Cruiser in the men's department.

Then home again, where I took a nap. I am exhausted all the time for some reason.....:sigh:

Add to it that I have had a headache since Friday.....:ugh:

Co-worker's hubby isn't doing well At All. They lost him 4 or 5 times Friday, but were able to bring him back. The doc isn't very optimistic. :bigger sigh:

I need to rustle up something to eat that won't set off my tummy - the headache has zapped my appetite. :bleck: