June 10th, 2008

fiber: Sheepie Jayne hat


Got my Knitpicks order in - 2 sets of 6, size 1 DPNs in Harmony wood. :whew: I've already switched the sock over; set #2 is in the pouch for emergencies, and we are set to go.

My Grafton Fibers Darn Pretty Needles are in the mail - hope they come in time. I've "known" Linda for years, and I know anything she and Tom produce will be *awesome*...but man, the prices! I realize that I am paying for handmade superiority. I get that, and I prefer to buy direct from the craftsperson (see: Dining room set :grin:) but....

Here's the deal. I am on a very fixed income. Yes, I have *some* disposable funds (getting less by the day - what is UP with the oil prices??), but it's not a lot and I have to be smart with my spending. I can buy 1 set (of 5) of Grafton Needles for $30....or I can buy 6 sets (of *6*) of Knitpicks Harmony Needles for $36 (or thereabouts). See the dilemma? :sigh:

I would *love* to have a complete set of Shaft's work :grin:...but I just don't see that happening. No matter how wonderful they are....I just can't pay $180 for something I can get for $36. :deep sigh:

I wish the economy were better so that I could afford all handmade tools. Until then...guess I'll just have to buy Fiber from Linda. :lol: (Can't do it out of this years (hopefully) bonus - that's already slated for a water well. And property taxes. Ah, well.....)