June 11th, 2008

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Wednesday round up

Got a working Palm OS CD last night - my Palm now has Documents to Go on it! I'll be shifting over some of my Excel spreadsheets today. Funny thing, though - the CD STILL won't install on the laptop..but it did on my home PC and office PC. :huh: Oh, well - it's working, that's the important thing.

Sweet Geek's sock is humming along. The Harmony needles don't hurt :huzzah: and are slick enough that the yarn is just flowing right along. I'm about 1 round away from starting the heel flap - this one will be done standard (ie: on 50% of the stitches. We'll see how it fits; I might need to do v.2.0 on 60%. Maybe not, though...) It'll be my standard heel flap and gusset style - the flap will have 5 stitches in garter on each side, then Eye of Partridge for the body of it. I like how it looks and holds up. :grin:

Got all the frozen foods we need last night. I'm thinking about getting some Dry Ice tomorrow night to help keep things frozen.....it's not too expensive, and it *works*. Need to do a bit more thinking, though...it'll require insulating the cooler(s) with blankets to help keep the coldness in. Might not have the room for that. :pondering:

There's a LOT of police activity near work this AM. Looks like a SWAT team; there's a helicoptor hovering overhead. Not sure what's going on...but they had a street blocked off.

Need to knit a bit more before starting work. :grin: Laters!