June 12th, 2008

fiber: knitted swatch

1 more day and counting...

'til we leave on vacation! :bounce:

Got my Grafton Needles last night - talk about customer service! I called Carolina Homespun last Wednesday. Gave a quick run-down on why I needed the needles ASAP, gave my color choices (with the caveat that beggars can't be choosers - needle color is an extra in my book anyway). The office lady called me SATURDAY to tell me that Morgaine was at a show, but that she had my needles, and if it was OK Morgaine would ship them out to me Priority on Monday - they couldn't guarantee that I'd get them, but they'd give it their best shot. :boggle:

Lovely needles. I got my first color choice (Alabaster Solids - a nice teal-y green) - they are very well made. Switched the sock-in-progress over.....the needles are short (well, DUH - I ordered the 5". My Knitpicks are what - 7"?) which, actually, are better for me - less ends waving around. For this sock...not so much - I have 50 stitches on the heel flap..and they *just barely* squeeze on. :grin: The needles have more grab than the Knitpicks, and seem to have just a squidge more point. They are *Very Nice* (or, Darn Pretty! :grin:), and I like them.....I just can't justify replacing all of my DPNs with a set of them (darn it - they are really, really nice needles!)

Got another ball of 3-ply finished last night - it's balled up and ready to go. I'm pretty sure the original ball is enough for a pair of socks...but now I have reassurance that I won't come up short on sock #2. (Still might run out of yarn - I'm only taking the sock and 2 balls of the sweater yarn. I'm hoping there's a yarn store *somewhere* in the back of beyond..if not, I know where there's at least 2 in Houston. :grin:)

Back to musing over what I need to do tonight......Dry Ice is on the list. I figure I need to pack the Jeep tonight, food and all, which will require something a bit cooler than Reddy Ice. :grin: