June 26th, 2008

Calvin: Faces

I live in a zoo...

I really do. The latest? I have 2 AWOL gerbils *somewhere* in the house. Hope the kidlets find them before the traps/dogs/washer/dryer do.

See, yesterday they decided that the gerbils needed a bath. :huh?: So, they pulled both of them out of the cage, put them in a plastic (lidless) box, and hauled them into the bathroom, where they gave 1 (one)(singular) of them a bath. Both gerbils (in the lidless box) were then returned to Himself's bedroom, and the box was placed on the bed and susequently forgotten.....

until *I* went in after they left (they are spending time with G'ma this week - they only came home to swim with me) to make sure the lights were out, and saw *something* (I didn't have my glasses on at the time) skitter across the floor. I called....."Ooops. Sorry!" :bangs head:

They're coming home this morning to find the gerbils (and hopefully CLEAN UP the room, as well..it's....well, disaster doesn't cover it. :sigh:)

In other news, the horses think that pool water is a gift from the gods; the chickens are living the life of Reilly and see no need to repay me with eggs for my benevolence; the dogs have declared war on said horses......have I mentioned that I live in a zoo? :lol:
Calvin: Faces

This just in...

A representative of the Rodent Apprehension Task Service (R.A.T.S.) has notified us that the 2 AWOL gerbils have been apprehended, and are currently in custody.

The RATS spokesman said that, upon arrival at the containment unit, both gerbils began busily searching for an escape route from the glass and metal-bar cell they were placed in. When one was not forthcoming, one of the miscreants began to try and eat his way out, beginning with the plastic floor in the upper unit; the other began trying to gnaw his way thru the bars.

More details as RATS pass them on to us.