July 2nd, 2008

Calvin: Toilet


I *knew* things were gonna get bad, and I knew that they *were* bad...but I spent almost $300 last night on NORMAL groceries. At Thrall-mart. :gasp:

I realize Thrall-mart isn't the best, what with their business practises and all. No, I don't agree with them....but, as I've said before, they are just about the only game in town. I have a Brookshire's and a David's in town...but if I need to stock up, I can't afford either one. Canned goods at both are running $0.68/can for STORE brand.....Wallyworld had Libby's Naturals for $0.50/can. (NO salt/sugar/anything added - just water and veggies). Ground meat is up to $2.78/pound - Brookshire's has it for $3.05/pound.

It's only going to get worse, folks...I've heard that the tomato crop is...bad this year, and the avacado crop will be down 1/3 (or was it 2/3?) The fires in CA are knocking out those crops..and the flooding up North is knocking out *those*. Mark my words......and stock up, if you haven't already.

I went over the bill....I only spent $8 on "frivolous" stuff. :sigh: To be fair, I hadn't been to the store in over a month, thanks to our vacation, so I did need more stuff than I would normally..but *still*. I am suffering sticker shock here...at least next go-round will be better. :weak grin:
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