July 5th, 2008

Disney: Lady and the Tramp

Lazy Sun...wait, Saturday

Himself's godmother and family came out today to help celebrate Herself's birthday. (Yeah...it's confusing. We just roll with it). The kids stayed up late last night to watch our neighbors try to blow up the neighborhood light up the sky with fireworks, so it was a late morning. All is well, though - it was great, we have plenty of chicken left over, and we had a blast.

Sweet Geek has been working on a website - I'll link to it when it's a bit more polished. :grin:

We had a talk dovetailing into my post of the other day.....I think my cheapskate ways have met their match...but we'll see. :lol: The ball is in his court now......we'll see where it goes.

I'm still feeling icky. Head is all stuffed and now I'm hacking and wheezing. Fun times!