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July 29th, 2008


Blah blah blah 07:44 am
Not a whole lot to report. The chickens are popping out 2 eggs a day, now (of course, now that I've publically SAID this, they'll drop off and quit. :grin:)....one of the layers is def. the Black Australourp - we caught her in the act, so to speak. She looked up with a "Do you MIND?" expression, then went back to the sitting and clucking routine. :snicker:

I bought Himself a new cage topper for his gerbils - they have just about EATEN all the plastic off his current one (no 2nd level, now, except for where the (partial) tube goes up, and where the food sits. The rest has been digested) - off of eBay yesterday (did you get that - YESTERDAY), and it's on the Fed Ex truck for delivery TODAY. :blink: This one is all metal, so should be the last one I need to buy. :hopeful:

Sweet Geek's doing Poker again Saturday - don't think I'll get to go this time; he has to run in to work first, and it'd be backtracking to come get me. Ah, well......the kids and I'll swim. Or something. :grin:
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Whee! 08:52 am
Dr. Horrible is Back! Tell your friends! :grin:

All 3 Acts, play in sequence. Yup, you have ads - suck it up, it's worth it!
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The possessed iPod says:: Dr. Horrible: So They Say
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