July 31st, 2008

Dr Horrible: Hammertime


Well, I am debit-cardless for the moment. Seems, once again, someone has gotten ahold of my number and had some fun. It was only $11.09, but STILL.....it was to a company called "Geodesic", and it appears to be an online gaming site, where you can download stuff to your iPhone/iPod, whatever.

I don't do this. My iPhone has enough cool stuffs on it that I don't need to PAY someone for more. (Well...OK, I paid iTunes for Dr. Horrible, but it's on my PC, my laptop, my iPhone, and on a DVD for our viewing pleasure, and it was direct from iTunes.) I don't do games.....I have enough time-wasters without that. :grin:

I'm just glad I keep track of my bank account - I'd hate to think what could happen if I *didn't*. :shudder: I caught this one the day it hit (yesterday); when I got home I checked all my receipts just to make sure I hadn't bought something and forgot to write it down (nope). Wonder how many other numbers got comprimized? And from where??