August 4th, 2008

Disney: Lady and the Tramp

I have an announcement to make...

Want to write this down for posterity.....don't want to forget!

Yes, it is official - as of July 26, 2008. We had been talking about it for months, and he wanted to buy me a ring, but - I am cheap, and he wanted to spend big bucks. I sent him links to what *I* liked (see here, at the bottom of the page, for my favorite), but....they weren't "big" enough. (What IS it about guys and size, anyway? :snicker:)

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Then we got to tell the families......we went to pick up the kidlets, who were at their grandparent's house. We didn't tell them - I had on the ring, yes, but nothing was said. (Still hasn't been, as a matter of fact) We told my mother on Sunday, when we dropped the kids off at her house - she saw the ring right off (it's....kinda hard to miss! :grin:) Told my dad a couple of days later...*he* told my brother, getting a jump on me (oh, well...:lol:)

Sweet Geek told his aunt on Tuesday - she immediately told him to pick out her home. :sigh: Not gonna happen - she can live with US when the time comes. :shakes head: His dad....:grin:

That Friday (Aug 1), was his dad's 72nd birthday. His stepmom got all the kids together for a surprise dinner at his (Dad's) favorite restaurant. Sweet Geek didn't say a thing - his stepmom knew, but she is GOOD at keeping secrets. :grin: So....we go thru dinner, his half-brothers are teasing him and me, the kids are having fun....his Dad opens his presents, thanks everybody, and is standing there chatting with Sweet Geek and his half-brothers. Someone makes the remark that it was a good party, and his step-mom says "Yes. 72 years, Grandma had a good report on her mammo......was there anything else?" - while she and Sweet Geek grin like loons. "Well" Sweet Geek says. "Yes. We're getting married!" which caused the whole table to erupt in chaos. :lol:

That went over well, I think. :grin:

He finally told his brother (confused yet? :grin:) the next was decided that we'd find a friend with a bass boat, go out on the lake, and have the "capitan" marry us. We could tie beer cans to the back; Sweet Geek could wear a white t-shirt from Wally world..:snicker:

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