August 5th, 2008

Disney: L&S Punish friends

Another day, another....dime

Not a dollar, that's for sure. :grin: Ms boss has gone off of the deep end - she got to the office yesterday at 12:45....and :gasp: WE weren't back from lunch yet! Our lunch hour (plainly stated) is 12 - 1.....but WE got in big trouble because we actually stayed out the full hour! What IS this world coming to. (Yes, I have to put up with this crap. And, oh - the stories I could tell.......ya'll have NO IDEA what we put up with. :sigh:)

Why were we "late"? We went to Entertainmart, and got some DVDs ($3.99...for some pretty decent movies. HHGTTG, Nine Months, and Galaxy Quest were $3.99. Black Stallion, Black Beauty, and Chicken Run were $5.99. Not bad at all!) I'm trying to replace all of the kids' VHS's with, it's a good place to shop. The Disney movies will be harder - they are running $14.99. Need to look around!

Today I get to go to the Mall on the way home - hate it, but I have to drop off a ring to be re-sized. :sigh: Oh, well - it's free, so no biggie, but I hate the mall.

Off to work - she's due up any minute...can't wait! :bangs head: